What are the top 10 examples of diversity and inclusivity in fashion campaigns this year?

1. Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Campaign: Rihanna’s cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty, has been praised for its commitment to inclusivity, featuring a wide range of shades for all skin tones.

2. Savage x Fenty Lingerie Campaign: Rihanna’s lingerie brand, Savage x Fenty, celebrates diversity by using models of various sizes, ethnicities, and body types in their campaigns.

3. Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive Campaign: Tommy Hilfiger introduced an adaptive clothing line designed for people with disabilities and featured diverse models in their campaign to promote inclusive fashion.

4. H&M’s Love for All Campaign: H&M launched a campaign promoting love and inclusivity featuring models from diverse backgrounds, including different ethnicities, sexual orientations, and abilities.

5. Gucci’s Changemakers Campaign: Gucci launched the Changemakers program, which includes a campaign featuring diverse individuals who have made a positive impact on their communities.

6. ASOS Model & Talent Search Campaign: ASOS, the online fashion retailer, launched a campaign in search of new models and talent, focusing on inclusivity and actively reaching out to individuals from different backgrounds.

7. GapLove Campaign: Gap’s Love Collection campaign celebrated diversity by featuring models from different ethnicities, sizes, ages, and sexual orientations, reaffirming the message of acceptance and love.

8. Becca Cosmetics Campaign: Becca Cosmetics introduced a diverse range of models for their campaigns, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity in the beauty industry.

9. Nike’s Dream Crazier Campaign: Nike’s campaign, featuring female athletes breaking barriers, celebrates diversity and equality, challenging societal norms and empowering women in sports.

10. Levi’s “Use Your Vote” Campaign: Levi’s campaign focused on encouraging diverse individuals to exercise their right to vote, featuring a range of voices from different ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds, promoting inclusivity within the political process.

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