What are the top 10 fashion collaborations with non-fashion brands this year?

It could vary depending on personal preferences and geographical locations, but here are ten noteworthy fashion collaborations with non-fashion brands in 2021:

1. Louis Vuitton x NBA: Luxury brand Louis Vuitton partnered with the National Basketball Association to release a collection blending high-end fashion and basketball culture.
2. Gucci x Balenciaga: Two iconic luxury brands, Gucci and Balenciaga, collaborated on a limited-edition collection, offering a unique fusion of their distinctive aesthetics.
3. Levi’s x Pokemon: Levi’s partnered with the popular franchise Pokemon to create a playful collection featuring denim clothing with Pokemon-themed designs.
4. Adidas x Lego: Sportswear giant Adidas collaborated with Lego to introduce a playful collection that combined sneaker designs with Lego’s colorful aesthetics.
5. H&M x Toga: Fast-fashion retailer H&M collaborated with Japanese brand Toga to release a collection characterized by Toga’s signature avant-garde designs.
6. Nike x sacai: Nike joined forces with Japanese brand sacai for another collaboration, releasing a range of sportswear featuring innovative and minimalist designs.
7. Uniqlo x Theory: Uniqlo and Theory collaborated on a capsule collection focused on merging Uniqlo’s affordable, casual aesthetics with Theory’s contemporary, minimalist approach.
8. Supreme x Samsung: Iconic streetwear brand Supreme partnered with Samsung to release a limited-edition smartphone collection, featuring Supreme’s logo and design touches.
9. Vans x The Simpsons: Skateboarding brand Vans collaborated with the iconic animated TV show “The Simpsons” to release a collection of shoes and apparel featuring characters from the series.
10. Puma x Peanuts: Puma collaborated with the beloved comic strip Peanuts, creating a collection of sportswear and footwear adorned with characters like Snoopy and Woodstock.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and there may be other notable collaborations that could be considered among the top ten, based on individual interests and preferences.

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