What are the top 10 new fashion applications that have gained popularity this year?

1. Depop – A peer-to-peer shopping app where users can buy and sell secondhand clothing.
2. Too Good To Go – Allows users to purchase surplus food from restaurants and grocery stores at discounted prices.
3. The Yes – An AI-powered shopping app that learns users’ style preferences and offers personalized fashion recommendations.
4. 3DLOOK – Offers a mobile body scanning solution for accurate measurements and virtual try-ons.
5. Zeekit – Allows users to virtually try on clothes online using augmented reality technology.
6. Glamhive – A styling app that connects users with professional stylists for personalized fashion advice.
7. Drest – Offers a virtual styling game where users can dress up digital models using real-world fashion items.
8. Good On You – Provides information on the ethical and sustainability practices of various fashion brands.
9. Mi Wardrobe is Su Wardrobe – A platform that allows users to rent designer clothing and accessories for special occasions.
10. Snupps – Helps users seamlessly organize and catalog their wardrobe, making it easier to keep track of their clothes and create outfits.

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