What are the top 10 up-and-coming fashion brands to watch this year?

1. A-COLD-WALL*: Founded by Samuel Ross, A-COLD-WALL* is known for its avant-garde designs and urban aesthetic. The brand merges streetwear with high fashion elements.

2. Marine Serre: French designer Marine Serre gained popularity with her signature crescent moon print. Known for her sustainable approach to fashion, her brand infuses futuristic and sportswear influences.

3. Charlotte Knowles: This London-based brand, founded by Charlotte Knowles and Alexandre Arsenault, offers a blend of innovative design, femininity, and a touch of sensuality. Known for their experimental patterns and unique cuts, they challenge traditional notions of femininity.

4. Thebe Magugu: Hailing from South Africa, Thebe Magugu combines multifaceted cultural influences with modern designs. Known for their bold prints and intricate storytelling, the brand has gained international recognition.

5. Lisa Says Gah: Lisa Says Gah is an online boutique that showcases emerging designers. It features playful, colorful, and joyful designs from up-and-coming brands, making it a great platform to discover new talent.

6. Collina Strada: Founded by Hillary Taymour, Collina Strada is a sustainable brand that merges artistic designs with eco-friendly practices. The brand is known for its vibrant prints, DIY-inspired aesthetics, and inclusive casting in fashion shows.

7. Stefan Cooke: This London-based menswear brand, founded by Stefan Cooke and Jake Burt, challenges the traditional notions of menswear. They incorporate elements of craftsmanship and experimentation, resulting in innovative and exciting collections.

8. Commission: Commission is a New York-based brand that focuses on creating classic and sophisticated designs with a contemporary twist. Known for their tailoring and inventive use of fabrics, they offer a fresh take on wardrobe staples.

9. Casablanca: Casablanca is a luxury brand founded by Charaf Tajer. It blends sportswear influences with elegant design elements, creating a unique aesthetic that resonates with both streetwear enthusiasts and high-end fashion aficionados.

10. Chopova Lowena: This brand, founded by Emma Chopova and Laura Lowena, incorporates traditional Bulgarian craftsmanship with modern silhouettes. They repurpose vintage fabrics, such as tablecloths and curtains, to create unique designs that celebrate sustainability and culture.

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